Services and rates

Home Inspection


Scout Services offers home inspections starting at 245 for a typical two bedroom house and garage. Rates vary due to size and age of the home; please call for a precise quote. We include a Scout Services folder for your report, a full color, 112 page home maintenance book to help protect your investment, and a canvas Scout Services tote for you to keep as a house warming gift.

Thermal Imaging


Thermal imaging is done on every single home inspection we do.  This greatly increases the inspector's ability to identify issues in and around the home, specifically issues concerning water instrusion and energy loss. Water is the greatest destoyer of homes and energy loss means big energy bills. Don't get an inspection without Thermal Imaging! Digital photos are included in your report for future reference.

Drone Inspections


While we do our best to walk every roof we can, there may be unsafe conditions present that prevent us from doing so. In this case, if you desire a close visual inspection, a drone can be deployed.  We hold proper FAA remote pilot license and carry drone specific insurance.  Drone flight is always subject to airspace restrictions and allowances.

Wind Mitigation


A Wind Mitigation Inspection can get you discounts on home owners insurance based on the home's ability to withstand storms and hurricanes. This service can pay for itself within months. It will show you where your home is protected and any areas that are deficient. In many cases, homeowners could have saved thousands if they had a wind mitigation inspection when they first moved in!

Pest Inspections


Scout Services visual pest inspection will take a close look into the possibility of wood destroying organisms and other pests in the home.  A simple inspection may save you thousands of dollars by alerting you to present and potential damage caused by termites, ants, bees, rats and other creatures that do not belong in the home. Remember, prevention is better (and less expensive!) than cure.

Aerial Photography


You probably already know that you can sell a property faster and for more money with aerial photos and videos.  Let us help you showcase the entire home, lot and even neighborhood with our drone's high resolution photos. We adhere to all FAA rules.  We carry specific drone insurance. Rates start at 50 for a simple photo package. Contact for more details and a 

custom quote.