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Rely on our certified team of experts for your home inspection needs!

About Us

Knowledgeable Home Inspector Experts

Our team is trained and certified by top national educators and licensed by the state of Florida. We adhere to industry standards, sometimes going beyond the standard to provide you with a more comprehensive and detailed report.

We Notice the Little Things

From squeaky floors and doors to leaky roofs and plumbing, we use our experience and expertise to look at all the major components of a home.  Inspectors are trained to identify small issues without losing sight of the big picture.

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction

 Buying a home is an expensive, daunting process with many inherent risks. We can help you mitigate many of those risks by identifying areas of concern and deficiency before you get to the closing table. 

Services Overview

Scout Services Home Inspections

Scout Services uses various techniques for identifying areas of concern in and around the home. In addition to the visual home inspection which relies on knowledge and experience, we use specialized tools such as infrared thermometers, moisture meters, and receptacle testers in every house inspection we . Scout Services also provides home services such as wind mitigation and pest inspections.  All of these services can help save you money and prevent devastating, unwelcome surprises.

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Our inspectors are trained in using thermal imaging to get a much more detailed view of the home, both inside and out. Thermal imaging gives the inspector a "Sixth Sense," resulting in a better ability to see and recognize problems that may be hidden and invisible to the naked eye.

Drone Inspection

Did you know that home inspectors are not required to walk on a roof to inspect it? Also, certain restrictions can keep an inspector from walking a roof; for example, if it is too steep, wet, or made of tile. In such cases, Scout Services can deploy a drone, giving the up close visual inspection that may not be possible otherwise.